A Beery Trip around the Island

What better way to enjoy the stunning countryside of the Isle of Wight than taking a beer inspired view.  We start, where everyone does, on the water with our Yachtsman’s Ale, a rich brown 4.2%  beer with a subtle complexity of flavours that adds to your experience.  Our fabulous Island has been a popular retreat and landing place for everyone through the ages.  Dating back to the Roman period of the United Kingdom, the Isle of Wight was known as Vectis, (amongst other things) and this is where our Ruby tinted dark brown 4.8% smooth ale, Vecits Venom, has got its name. Whilst cruising around our beautiful Island, you will see hidden coves and beaches where legends and history tell us that many a smuggler landed  and hid their Gold. We have celebrated our infamous past with a Golden 4% brew, Wight Gold. When on land, the rolling countryside will be evident as will the farms and farming community. We are proud to say that our farms contributed heavily through both World Wars and this could not have been carried out without the help of the famers ‘Nipper’, colloquial language for child. Our true session bitter, straw coloured, 3.8%, light and refreshing, would have been a great treat for those hard working farmers.  Defending our honour there are plenty of castles, forts, fortifications and historic buildings. The Knights of the Realm would have been in abundance, and our Wight Knight, with is strong, full of body, amber in colour, 4.5% bitter, would definitely pleased them! Now to the modern day. Our Island is a perfect holiday destination for any time of year. Spring, summer Autumn and Winter. In fact Christmas is a perfect time to experience our superb hotels, b&b’s, restaurants and resorts.  You never know, you might get a ‘Wight Christmas!’ but if not you can enjoy our Wight Christmas. A special festive red/amber brew with a subtle chocolate malt for a great Christmas taste.

To finish off our tour, and to tie in our Royal connections, we have been a popular desitination for our Royal Family from the Victorian age. More recently the Mountbatten side of our Royal Family, Earl Mountbatten of Burma was the last Governor of the Isle of Wight.  In his honour there is a Hospice, which carries out tireless and saintly work, named after him.  We are blessed to be a local company who like to give a little back, so our Pride and Joy is our Earls RDA, 5% rich dark ale, is named in aid of the Hospice, and for every pint sold we donate 10p to them.


So this may have been a whistle stop tour, there really is so much to be discovered on the Island, perhaps you will find a cove with hidden treasure, if not, you can always enjoy a good pint!