The New Year Is underway

We are well and truly into the New Year now, sales are almost over and still we don’t have a new sofa!  We are resting briefly before the next run of brewing, it was pretty busy before Christmas, but if you do have a resolution, make it educating your palate.  Why not try every one of our beers? We have, we can’t chose between them. They all have their special time and moment. Nipper, refreshing yet full bodied, a true session beer, Wight Gold, often a good step into the world of real ales from lager. Yachtsmans, a favorite for a lot of people, great on a summers afternoon, Wight Christmas, well, obviously this one is fantastic around the seasonal time. Wight Knight, a good beer for the winter, Vectis Venom, a sneaky one that bites you when you try to stand up after a few! And not forgetting Earls. Now we really do have divided opinion as to serving temperature on this one, some say room temp but others are preferring ice cold from the fridge. Either way it is fabulous! So this is just a brief overview, really to put a depth of knowledge on these ‘opinions’ you really need to try them……all!!