Not Laughing now, Rain Rain Go Away

Seriously, more of the wet stuff? We are all thinking it, its time to stop now, however nothing we can do but sit down and have a beer! Well I suppose there are a few other things we could do, but really, drinking a beer is so much better and makes you feel more positive about the whole wet thing! To give us a taste of Summer either a pint of our Nipper Bitter,Straw coloured, light and refreshing with a distinguishable balance of malt and hops and a satisfying moreish afterbite,  or a bottle of our Wight Gold, brewed using Challenger and First Gold hops, crystal malt, this golden coloured ale has the characteristic afterbite of a true favourite craft brew, can be recommended. They are even available here on this page!! So sit back, relax, enjoy the rain, it won’t be here forever.