Out and About in the Sun

Where do we start? Well here I suppose. You can find us, and our full selection of amazing beer, on the Parade in Cowes all week. Just what the thirsty sailors need, let alone the hard working  spectators! What more do you need on a beautiful day of watching fantastic Yachts and shopping, a cool pint of the Island’s finest Ales!! Do not despair, we will not be disappearing at the weekend, just transfering ourselves to Smallbrook Stadium.   Jack Up the 80’s. Neon, legwarmers, crimped hair and Mr T look alikes, and that is just the staff!! For another great weekend with am awesome lineup of our beloved 80’s stars…… all while supping on, yes you guessed it, a wonderful cool pint of Island Brewery beer!!!!, head down to Ryde for back to back memory lane!