A weekend of fun fun fun…..

Its looking like another fun filled weekend. We are truly lucky to live and work on the amazing Isle of Wight, where it seems like there is something to do, whatever your age, every weekend.  We have a ‘Unicorn’ themed weekend in front of us (!!!) courtesy of Tapnell Farm Park.  Thank goodness they have a wonderful bar for grown ups selling decent beer, oh and their food is pretty good too!!!!! What ever you are up to this weekend, there is certainly a beer for you here.  I thinking Wight Gold might be the tipple of choice for my fridge today!

Summer is here

at last, the good weather has arrived, lets grab the towels and sunscreen and enjoy this glorious sunshine.  Remember to keep hydrated, plenty of cold fluids!!!!

Not Laughing now, Rain Rain Go Away

Seriously, more of the wet stuff? We are all thinking it, its time to stop now, however nothing we can do but sit down and have a beer! Well I suppose there are a few other things we could do, but really, drinking a beer is so much better and makes you feel more positive about the whole wet thing! To give us a taste of Summer either a pint of our Nipper Bitter,Straw coloured, light and refreshing with a distinguishable balance of malt and hops and a satisfying moreish afterbite,  or a bottle of our Wight Gold, brewed using Challenger and First Gold hops, crystal malt, this golden coloured ale has the characteristic afterbite of a true favourite craft brew, can be recommended. They are even available here on this page!! So sit back, relax, enjoy the rain, it won’t be here forever.

“What is that yellow thing in the sky?” we hear you say….

Don’t panic, its just the Sun!! Spring, we think, has sprung. Summer tops all over the place in the office this morning, although the Postman was still the only one in shorts, but who knows what the weekend will bring. Talking of the weekend, as it is going to be such a lovely one, why not encourage that summer feeling by enjoying a bottle of our Yachtman’s ale, wonderful flavours indicative of a summers evening, and with the evenings getting longer you may even have time for two!!! Go on, you know you want too, what a bargain 12 500ml bottles for £23.71.

March Snow!??!

With the inconvenience of more snow, snow on the Isle of Wight is rare at the best of times but in March unheard of. So we thought we would find a use for the snow, and chilling our Wight Gold is a perfect use. This beer really is versatile, great ice cold for those of you whom like a cold brew, and also excellent and traditional temperatures. Full of flavour for 4%, and available here, go on, you know you want to!!!

Mothers Day

Want to get something special for the most wonderful person in the household?  How about a bunch of flowers!??? We all know the benefits of this particular brew, not only is it a multi International and National award winning tipple, its been voted again the Isle of Wight’s Beer of the Year. So what is not to like, with its crystal and chocolate malts along with roasted barley, which gives it the distinctive taste and fullness of flavour.  Earls RDA, the beer that keeps on giving, every pint sold, 10p goes to the Earl Mountbatten Hospice.  Go on, spoil her!

Snow, yes we did get it in the end! But its gone now….



We did get the snow, the children had a ‘snow day’ and made the most of every second of it! The more sensible ones among us lit the fire and cracked open a beer! The snow did leave a trail of destruction, with roads closed, burst water mains, however, we didn’t let our customers down. The ones who opened got their deliveries, after all, we are the sixth emergency service here on the Island!!

This week we have our Earls RDA winging its way to the London Beer Competition, fingers crossed it meets with their tough criteria. We love it, CAMRA love it, the World Beer Awards Love it, lets wait and see.

So we are due Snow…….. well more than two flakes anyway

I don’t think we will have to be digging ourselves out just yet, but don’t forget to stock up on a nice warming tipple to keep you company on these very chilly evenings, any of our famous four will do, Nipper, Wight Gold, Yachtsman’s or Earl’s.  All go down well when sitting next to a fire!!!  Take care, stay warm.

Earls does it again

This amazing brew has done it again, CAMRA beer of the year, four years in a row. WOW. We cannot thank our team at the brewery enough, without their hard work, dedication and passion our beers would not be performing, tasting and selling as well. This one is now available in bottles as well as draught, so if you fancy a tipple at home you can purchase here or give us a call, we can arrange delivery and you can have them to your door in a matter of days. Go on you know you want to!!!

Snow Fall on the Island


As a public service we thought we should give you an image of the snow fall here on the Isle of Wight? This is it, literally, just the one flake! Oh well, no snowmen today then?! If we could be so bold to suggest an alternative, a brisk walk to your nearest hostilery where you can reward your health lifestyle choice of walking with a good local brewed beer!! All natural ingredients!

Wrap up warm this weekend and be thankful you are watching the Winter Olympics from the comfort of your own home, live its -11, brrrrrrrrr. Good Luck Team GB, we are routing for you.