On a cold winters day….

Whats the best way, well one of the bests ways, to warm up on a cold winter’s day, light a fire, pour a pint, find a comfy chair and enjoy. Not much else we can add, apart from, if you want to stay indoors you can always order on line from us and we will deliver to your door.

Thank you Thank you to the Rotary Club of Ryde

The wonderful Rotary Club of Ryde came and had a tour and talk here at our brewery.  Hosted by our passionate, knowledgeable and skillful Brewer, Chris Coleman, they had an informative entertaining time. To top it off the Rotary Club raised a whopping £150 for our sponsored Charity, the Earl Mountbatten Hospice. What a great bunch of people, and again a huge huge thankyou.

What is that big yellow thing in the sky!?

It is so beautiful today, makes us glad to be here sampling beer! Its a tough job, but someone has to do it.  Today’s tipple of choice has to be a lovely chilled bottle of Wight Gold. Light and refreshing, subtly hoppy, pleasantly sweet with a gentle bitter aftertaste, hmmm Lovely with the Sunshine, sitting in a warm office we can almost imagine that we are in the summer already!

So why not pack a bag, find a beach, (lets face it we are not short of them here) sit and enjoy this beautiful weather with a beautiful beer.

The New Year Is underway

We are well and truly into the New Year now, sales are almost over and still we don’t have a new sofa!  We are resting briefly before the next run of brewing, it was pretty busy before Christmas, but if you do have a resolution, make it educating your palate.  Why not try every one of our beers? We have, we can’t chose between them. They all have their special time and moment. Nipper, refreshing yet full bodied, a true session beer, Wight Gold, often a good step into the world of real ales from lager. Yachtsmans, a favorite for a lot of people, great on a summers afternoon, Wight Christmas, well, obviously this one is fantastic around the seasonal time. Wight Knight, a good beer for the winter, Vectis Venom, a sneaky one that bites you when you try to stand up after a few! And not forgetting Earls. Now we really do have divided opinion as to serving temperature on this one, some say room temp but others are preferring ice cold from the fridge. Either way it is fabulous! So this is just a brief overview, really to put a depth of knowledge on these ‘opinions’ you really need to try them……all!!

Happy New Beer!!

So we start a new year, and who knows what this has in store for us? The plans for the new Brewery are coming along, that will be so exciting to have a purpose built Brewery, not that we think our beer could get any better! More competitions to enter and lots of beer to be sold. We are continuing our support with the Earl Mountbatten Hospice, and with the sales of our Earls RDA in bottles really taking off, hopefully it will be a very prosperous year for them too. So relax, light the fire, put your feet up and pour yourself a beer. Happy New Year to everyone, we hope this year brings you all Health, Wealth and Happiness.

12 Days of (Wight Christmas)

On the twelfth day of Christmas my true Love gave to me 12 Bar runners,

eleven Christmas Beer Mats

ten Branded glasses

nine mini casks

eight crates of bottles

Seven Wight Christmas

six Vectis Venom


four nipper bitter

three Yachtsmans

two pints of Earls

and a Wight knight in a Poly!

Deck the Halls…..

We are really getting into the swing of the festive season now. Sales of our Wight Christmas are proving more popular than ever, how exciting. Not only does it bear the Gold medal of the World beer awards its obviously sprouting wings the speed its flying out of the door. So, if you would like a little gift pack, a tray of 12 or even a polypin for a party give us a call. It doesn’t matter where you are in the county, we can deliver to most places for a reasonable fee. Go on, it is a great time of year so celebrate with an Award winning beer.

So much shopping …

So we might be starting to get a little twitchy on the, ‘have I got a clue what to get them’ list.  Why not treat your loved ones, well the over 18 ones at least, to a lovely gift of beer. We have the obvious Wight Christmas, but why stop there, bottles available are Earls, Wight Gold, Yachtsman’s and Wight Knight too, something for every one. With a quick trip to our e-shop you will be able to get everything in one place, delivered to your door.  Anther one ticked off that list of things to do.  We try to help!!!


Its that time of year, mail order getting busy!

So we might have had a fair few Mail Orders in this morning, some lucky people getting our lovely beer delivered to their door. All part of our service, reasonable rates and great beer, what more can you ask? We have even sent beer to Italy, France and Poland, no destination too difficult, great Christmas present or a treat for yourself!

I know its November but …..

We have already taken pre-orders for one brew, its going fast, so if you want some best get your order in. Available in bottles too,  a special festive red to amber ale brewed using speciality Munich and malted oats to give a rich malty flavour. Modestly hopped with British Goldings and Bramling Cross hops with the addition of chocolate malt for that extra Christmas treat you were dreaming of.  Go on, you know you want too!!!!!