It all happens here on the Island


Our beautiful ‘sleepy’ Island is truly a magical place.  We had, this week, a wonderful visitor into Yarmouth Harbour.  Making quite a ‘splash’, following the ferry into its mooring then having a tour around the marina. So beautiful, yet another great reason to sit down, take time out, beer in hand, and enjoy the world around us.  Really, is there an excuse not to come over? The sun is out and the beer is brewed, go on, you know you want to!


So much to do, so little time……

Getting to that time of year where people are thinking of the Holiday’s.  Well anyone who has the honor of visiting the Isle of Wight this year, really is spoilt for choice.  There is literally so many attractions here a fortnight will not be long enough.  We could recommend something new for you to do every day if you came for a month! 

The Beach is always a good start, if you like big open sandy beaches or small coves with plenty of rock pooling we have too many to list.  One thing they all have in common, they are all close to a good beer!

Have fun and enjoy our beautiful Island.

County Show weekend

Its that time of year again, the Isle of Wight County Show. What is not to love, animals, crafts, entertainment and great beer! Definitely worth a visit, children go free and come back exhausted, I call that a win win situation!

Hot Hot Hot

Surely this is worth a go?? What beautiful beautiful weather we are having at the moment.  We are particularly lucky as we have such stunning countryside and amazing beaches to enjoy looking at while we drink our beer.  Coincidentally, our Earls RDA is absolutely delicious and extremely refreshing if served from the fridge, go on, buy a case and try!

The Sun is out – So keep hydrated

Looks like we are set for a beautiful weekend, remember keep hydrate, no prizes for guessing what with!?

Anyway, what an exciting week we have had. A fair few international inquiries with some of our beer off on its international travels to Brazil of all places. All attempts to accompany the beer failed, I was so disappointed. Never mind, you never know there maybe a bigger box next time!!

So to enjoy the weekend to its maximum make sure you stock up on beverages, beer is 95% water afterall!!


Have a great one,

Old Gaffers Festival

If Yarmouth could get any more beautiful it certainly does over Gaffers Weekend. Plenty of stalls, refreshments, entertainment, music oh and did we mention great beer too! Come over, its just a short ferry journey from Lymington to Yarmouth, have a wonderful time.

Heatwave (well sort of)

We have a few beautiful days ahead of us, now, we must recommend to keep hydrated at all times!  Enjoy your weekend, lets see what next week brings us in the wonderful world of brewing! x

The Beautiful Island

Thought we would share this shot of one of the many iconic places to visit and stay here on the Island.  This one is Yarmouth Pier, which is one of the very few piers left in the UK made entirely of wood.  It is strange to think that this was once the gateway to the Island.  We are lucky enough to have a trip down nostalgia lane when the Waverley comes to town in September, a beautiful Paddle steamer, offering trips in the Solent.  Obviously all these views are totally free of charge but we do recommend holding a good pint of beer whilst enjoying them! Come on, come over, you know you want to!


Friday Feeling?

What a busy week we have had, sending our beer of to the World Beer Awards again. Fingers crossed it will be another medal for us, think we will need a bigger trophy cabinet before long. But who can blame the judges, it is all such lovely stuff. Tourists are starting to come over, which is lovely for our pubs, hotels and restaurants over here. We are blessed with so many great places to stay, eat and drink, we can guarantee that you will not be disappointed, go on, come over and enjoy that Friday Feeling with us and a good beer.

Water and Beer

Well I think enough is said!

The much needed rain has finally arrived, lets hope that this will encourage all the growth of the hops into juicy flavoursome harvest ready for your consumption.

Our bottled Earls is selling well, customers all over the Country are purchasing it and not only are they enjoying one of the finest beers you will have ever tasted from the comfort of your own home but they will be donating to a very worthy cause.  Enjoy beer with a clear conscience ( you have no idea how difficult that is to spell!)