Hot hot hot – Cold Cold Ale!

The best way to cool down and keep hydrated on these lovely long sunny days, Wight Gold in a can. Straight from the fridge, or ice box on a picnic, but not if you’re driving, obviously!

What a shame we can’t help re-hydrate all those poor drivers in Dover, no ques like that for the Red Funnel!

Wight Gold Can 1


We’re melting….

melting beer

Dont get us wrong’ we are not complaining, loving the heat, it gives us an excuse to drink more Ice cold Wight Gold!

Wight Gold Can 1

Rhythm Tree, back again so soon!

Awesome, awesome, awesome – three words to describe one of the best family festivals going. Don’t miss it.

‘Ginger Nipper’ and ‘Mango Gold’



After extremely positive feedback from our new ‘experimental’ flavours this weekend, we are now taking orders for ‘Ginger Nipper’ 3.8% ABV and ‘Mango Gold’ 4% ABV. Call us, we can arrange for a mini cask (5 Litres) for home, 4.5 gallon polypin or 9 gallon cask.  Don’t hesitate, it might all go, (to my house!!)

Spring has Sprung!


The Sun is out,

The Flowers Too.

Our Brewer is busy,

Making beer for you!